"The muscles Everyday Beautiful

マッスルビューティーThe origin of the name is located in this word.
You want to cherish their body awaits you, with free weights and machines is enough, because you really, body building, muscle training, I love you..
"Went to the various gym without flattery here is most easy.(^^)v "and we are happy from the current user.
That the body I-go travelers for the first time because the instructor knows that muscle trainingマッスルビューティーIn is you want off the start.





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News and calendar


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Cosmetics & supplements

Fukuroi IC on the Tomei Expressway than 15 minutes by car
From Tomei Expressway Iwata IC 15 minutes by car
From JR Tokaido main line Iwata station 10 minutes by car

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January-gold 8:00-22:00 Soil 8:00~19:00